Leading Customer Relationship Strategic Insight Provider OnResearch Evolves Brand to Become OnR

November 28, 2018

Since 2001 we have been in delivering insights that transform the customer experience brands create. Over that time, we have built a deep understanding of customer as well as the roadblocks brands encounter transforming their organization to become more customer-centric. We share these learning in our knowledge center.

OnR Logo

Founded early in the age of digital research, OnR combines deep experience and knowledge of what makes customers tick with proprietary, state-of-the-art technology and tools to provide global clients in multiple verticals with a near real-time, 360-degree perspective of their customers. OnR details the state of customer relationships with a brand based on customer experiences, how customers interac with brands across all digital channels, and delivers the foundation for strategic decisions based on actionable insights that are built on both behavioral and attitudinal data.

“OnResearch was far too narrow a brand name for the transformative work we are doing in customer experience for clients today, and where we’ll continue to evolve in the future,” said OnR CEO and Founder Jason Ten-Pow. “The most successful brands, no matter the industry, take the time to understand not only what customers do, but also how they feel at every turn of their experience, and what should be done to make their interactions easier, more personal, and more connected to the brand…driving an unbreakable relationship. We are uniquely suited to help them do just that, and that’s all built on HONOR, which we now spell OnR.”

The OnR name connects the brand to both their history in traditional and digital research and surveys, while pointing towards the journey and experience that impacts each and every customer for each and every brand. The Honor pronunciation is purposeful and built on the company’s commitment to honoring relationships, relevance and results.

“As data overwhelms and competition for mindshare is greater than ever, the customer-centric approach is vital to achieving and exceeding desired results long-term. Brands need to increase and build on the relevance of not only what they say to customers, but how, when and why they are saying it,” said Ten-Pow. “Every brand in every business is currently somewhere on their own journey towards building real customer relationships. We help them transform the experience for their customers not by looking at what has happened, but by taking what has happened and driving the action to strengthen those bonds.”


OnR transforms the customer experience and helps create unprecedented customer relationships by detailing the actions, attitudes, needs, behaviors, dislikes, and loves customers “tell” brands through every interaction they have. OnR delivers a near real-time, complete picture of each customer through deep expertise in understanding what makes customers tick and application of proprietary, cutting-edge tools and technology to provide actionable insights that are the decision-making foundations for global clients in multiple verticals. Founded in 2001 and previously known as OnResearch, OnR was introduced in late 2018 as the new brand name, focusing on the core objective of honoring the customer, relationships, relevance and results. OnR is pronounced HONOR. Headquartered in Toronto, OnR has additional office locations in several US markets. Learn more at