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Identify tactics that build unbreakable customer relationships.

The success of CX transformation process is highly dependent on the quality of the customer data that is collected. Our team not only develops a brand’s CX strategy, we can lead CX data collection, analysis and reporting across the organization which will help brands monitor the progress of CX transformation efforts. Today the central point of interaction between a brand and its customers is the website. However, you cannot stop there, only through a deep understanding of how customers interact across all channels and the challenges they face along the way; will a brand be able to build a differentiated experience.

Our CX Web Analytics platform is better than all others at helping drive success because:

  • We start by using our own proprietary platform. Our platform is built from the ground up to identify and track the customer (not the page like Google or Adobe Analytics).
  • A key benefit of our approach is that we append VOC feedback to customer interactions. This provides a holistic 360-degree near real-time view of not only what your customers do, but why they do it, how it makes them feel – and what they will likely do next.
  • Our platform makes it easy to track key customer journeys even as they move across multiple communication channels (for example web to chat).
  • There is even a proprietary online and offline tracking feature that connects online and offline portions of the customer journey and feeds it into a brand’s CRM system.
  • All this rich data is delivered via our custom build portals that deliver the key data teams need to quickly identify and fix problems.

Our approach helps identify key customer journeys and highlights the roadblocks customers encounter at each step along the way. Our team uses this data to deliver tactics around building experiences that will drive strong emotional connections that underpin the most unbreakable customer relationships.