About Us

Our Story

We were founded in 2001, and have a history of innovative insights and technology. In late 2018, we evolved our brand to focus on our core objective of Honor – for the customer, the communication, our relationships, and results - by renaming the company OnR, which is pronounced the same as that word of respect and recognition.

Our initial focus was innovative online research, which with the evolution of digital customer interaction, has broadened far beyond tracking visitor web statistics and journeys to insight driven, personalized, and meaningful relationships based on an enhanced customer experience and trust.

We ensure our clients are in the know, in the moment, through individually tailored portals that provide easy access to decision recommendations, reporting, metrics, KPI standing, and other vital measurement and awareness tools, all built through unique combination of capabilities and expertise in consulting, insights, analytics, strategy and technology.

How we go about this is our secret sauce, and what sets us apart from anyone in the research, digital tracking, customer journey and customer experience space.

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