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Simply looking at web analytics will tell you a great deal about a customer transaction, but it won’t tell you about the customer’s emotion (positive or negative), decision-making process (easy or too many steps), or how they might behave in the future (return or not). As a result, web analytics data is singular, and will not tell you where your relationship with the customer truly stands, or if it is likely to continue.

Singular vision results in short-sighted decision-making. You need to track every interaction with the customer, especially since many customers engage with your brand through multiple channels (web, mobile, app, phone, store, etc.)

Brand touch points

The power of OnR is that we simultaneously look at multiple pieces of information derived through multiple methodologies to get a more complete understanding of the customer.

Brand touch points

When we engage with our business partners, we work together to evangelize the importance of building long-term customer relationships and evolve organizations stage-by-stage.