What is CX Transformation?

CX Transformation is a tiered approach to bringing business priorities into closer alignment with customers’ wants, needs, and desires.

As your brand integrates insights at each level, priorities come into closer alignment, customer relationships deepen, and revenue and profits grow.

Levels of CXT

Why CX Transform?

Those that achieve the highest Level of CX Transformation are 6x more likely to see significant increases in revenues and profits, as a result of their efforts to build deeper customer relationships.
Levels of CXT

How to CX Transform?

CX Transformation is about recognizing and aligning 3 key relationships.

1. Understanding the connection between Customer Experience (CX) and your brand’s revenues and profits.

2. Nurturing the bond between your brand and customers.

3. Fostering a deeper partnership between your customer data and your brand’s actions.

ONR’s CEO Jason Ten-Pow discussing how to effectively CX Transform your brand.

How ONR accelerates your CX Transformation.

So, creating and sustaining customer relationships – at one time your brand’s pre-eminent mission has fallen down your priority list.

ONR will help your brand implement a proven re-orientation process that helps your brand re-capture the emotional connection with your customer that is at the heart of all strong, resilient relationships.

Fundamental to our approach is the “Collect/Share/Act” formula. It may sound simple  Collect the right data; Share it across all teams; Act on it – yet it’s hugely empowering. We will embed Collect/Share/Act into your C-suite’s mindset from Day One, then help you introduce it incrementally, department-by-department and eventually, you will roll it out company-wide.

Ultimately, we will change the way your brand acts, but it starts by changing the way your brand thinks -how it sets strategies and makes decisions. With each step your brand’s decisions and actions, both internally and externally, will more closely reflect its top priority, the customer.

It’s an immense undertaking, but it all starts with our CX Audit where we perform a detailed investigation into your current CX practices. We use these findings to:

  • Prepare an overall customer strategy, unique to your brand, that will help you re-capture the emotional connection with your customers.
  • Show your leadership how to confront and overcome key challenges that prevent optimal CX Transformation.
  • Create a step-by-step plan to guide each department through the necessary steps to reach the highest level of CX Transformation.

Our approach to helping your brand transform its customer relationships is holistic. We will work with you every step of the way to show you how your customer relationships are deepening, revenue and profits are increasing and your organization’s culture is improving.

What our partners have to say.

You can’t optimize yourself to growth anymore

“You can’t grow until you grow your customer base, you can’t optimize by just lowering costs, you have to create value to retain customers.”

Vinod Varma

SVP Patient Experience, United Health

It needs to be a foregone conclusion

“Customer knowledge needs to be part of an organization’s DNA.”

Ryan Lockwood

Product Owner, Data Platform Connected Analytic Services, Toyota

Customer data is worth nothing if it doesn’t tell a story

“Customers are not data, they are people … we cannot average human experience.”

Alex Genov

Head of Customer Research, Zappos

Customer decision-making has undergone an ‘Amazonification’

“Customers want to compare every alternative before making a purchase. That wasn’t possible before Amazon and it’s affected how everyone does business.”

Deepak Sharma

Managing Director, Deloitte

Customer knowledge is off-the-field practice

“To use an analogy, if customer knowledge is off-the-field practice, and integrating this knowledge into our daily business actions is on-the-field success”

Adam Lebofsky

VP of Marketing, JPMorgan Chase

Customer experience is the new competitive currency

“Delivering a great digital customer experience is the new competitive currency and needs to be a core competency for every company.”

Danny Winokur

Vice President & General Manager, Customer Experience and Enterprise Offerings, Adobe

Evolving digital transformation to CX Transformation.

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