I have lots of portals and dashboards and data everywhere.

But none of them are easy to use and they just don’t bring all our customer knowledge together to provide a single source of truth that is easy to use and makes it obvious where I need to focus my attention and resources in order to deepen our brand’s customer relationships.

BespokeCX™, ONR’s custom reporting platform, connects multiple sources of customer data for a holistic understanding of how to meet your customer’s wants, needs and desires.

BespokeCX makes it easy to see how your brand’s reputation is improving as your organization more closely aligns with your customer’s expectations, while fulfilling your brand’s short and long-term financial goals.

BespokeCX improves collecting,  sharing and acting across your organization and accelerates CX transformation.

BespokeCX eliminates the need to replace and re-invent your organization’s existing CX infrastructure by seamlessly integrating with your current systems.

Key benefits of BespokeCX

We saved Intel $100,000s in content localization costs.

“Using the portal allows me to quickly identify top pain point areas & the performance dashboard allows me to formulate hypothesis based on customer feedback and formulate an action plan… what used to take me weeks to compile now I can do in a matter of 1-2 hours.”

Mike Moreno

Support Website Owner, Intel

ONR has literally been able to do anything we’ve dreamed up!

““I’m often asked who we work with to get these ideas executed in reality, and happy to share that…””

James Varnado

Global Service Experience Program Manager, Intel

UNBREAKABLE: A proven process for building unbreakable relationships with customers.

This book doesn’t just tell you why you should CX Transform. It provides a step-by-step playbook to help you transform efficiently and effectively, so that you can differentiate your brand in a meaningful and sustainable manner.

Are you ready to learn more?

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