Every brand aspires to be considered a thought leader in its field. Although thought leadership does not happen overnight, it can spring to life when properly supported. ONR does just this. We help brands establish themselves as thought leaders.

ONR’s CX Thought Leadership

ONR’s CX Thought Leadership practice supports market research and analysis for organizations seeking to differentiate the quality of their products or services. To do this, ONR conducts a systematic evaluation to identify and understand the primary drivers of success in a given field. As part of this process, ONR constructs a model that deliberately distinguishes the vital few actions a brand can take from the trivial many, eliminates the nonessential, and removes obstacles, so the essential things have a clear, smooth path. With this guidance, organizations can choose to allocate resources to the most impactful actions and generate momentum towards accomplishing their objectives.

In short, ONR helps brands filter through options (trivial and vital) and select only those that are genuinely essential…those that yield tremendous results.

The results of this work often are summarized in a “State of” report, a thought leadership document that can be leveraged to garner the attention and respect of your customers, industry peers, and organization stakeholders.


And in this time of uncertainty, canceled conferences, and contracting budgets, “State of” reports can be a powerful and efficient way to stay connected to customers and prospects.


ONR organizes and executes these studies for organizations across a variety of industries and geographies. It’s your brand front and center, differentiated from the competition, and portrayed as a clear leader.


Our Latest collaboration is with Palo Alto Networks and Accenture on The State of Cloud Native Security Report 2020.

Other examples include

If you are interested in learning more about ONR’s CX Thought Leadership practice, or “State of” reports and how they can invigorate your thought leadership campaigns, Connect with ONR.

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