You collect lots of data.

But are you collecting the right kind of data, in the right way, at the right time? How can you improve your data collection in a way that increases confidence in your customer feedback?


ONR’s CEO Jason Ten-Pow has been championing the importance of collecting high-quality customer feedback since 2002.

While the current climate has companies realizing the bias they can unknowingly create capturing customer feedback, ONR has been setting the standard for premium quality customer feedback collection for over 20 years. We were the first digital data collection company to advocate important BKMs like presenting one question at a time, and designing surveys in ways that decrease respondent fatigue, approaches that have since become standard practice.

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ONR’s extensive experience helps you collect the highest quality data.

Organizations like Intel report a 20% response rate to email surveys and 90% completion rates. While our competitors are only able to acquire 1% response rates, we regularly report 5-10% response rates to website surveys. We are able to achieve these amazing results because we use our proprietary data collection methods.

Whether your focus is on qualitative or quantitative customer data, ONR has been leading the way and setting the standard for customer data collection since 2000.

We help brands collect the highest quality customer data across all interaction points, including:

  • Website 
  • Contact Center 
  • Social Media 
  • In-store

We then connect these data points together and analyze the customer journey to tell the complete customer experience story.

Contact us today to improve the quality and quantity of your customer feedback.

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