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How To Successfully Complete The First Test Case At The Beginning Level Of CX Transformation

CEOs lead CX Transformation team to implement new customer-first mindset:

Once the CEO has guided the brand through the first 3 tasks and the CX Transformation plan has been established now testing begins. A group or department within the organization is selected to observe and measure how it collects, shares, and takes action using this new customer-first mindset.

The learnings around how quickly the brand evolves and integrates this new customer-first approach, and which types of roadblocks occur and how adeptly the brand handles these roadblocks must be carefully monitored because these learnings will become very useful as the brand expands CX Transformation efforts. Be aware of some of the early challenges the brand will encounter, including a lack of internal customer knowledge and internal talent to drive this process.


TEN-POW TIP #1: Build on the early wins in post-sales support by expanding and prioritizing the CX Transformation resources to accomplish more across more of the organization. Brands that elevate to Level 2, the Expanding Level, are able to successfully improve the efficiency of post-sales support. This is where the CEO needs to prioritize Beginning Level CX Transformation resources.

TEN-POW TIP #2: Make sure your social media is a 2-way conversation with your customers. Brands that are highly successful at incorporating customer service and problem resolution into social media are often able to fast-track through Level 1/Beginning Level. This is a key initiative that the CEO needs to foster and support during this Beginning Level of CX Transformation.

TEN-POW TIP #3: Find an external partner – one who can effectively help accelerate the completion of the Beginning Level of CX Transformation. This is change management and the CEO will benefit from having a partner who can help drive completion (versus a partner who is delivering a tool or a project). This partner will help your brand anticipate roadblocks and avoid them and help solve the lack of internal talent challenge and move the process forward quickly. #CX #CustomerExperience


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