A proven process for building unbreakable relationships with customers

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Why should you read UNBREAKABLE?

Today’s brands are looking to generate increased revenue and profits in the face of greater competition, economic uncertainty, and even global pandemics.

CX Transformation is a 5-Level approach for bringing business priorities into closer alignment with customers’ wants, needs and desires (see Part III). At each Level of the Transformation process, alignment improves, customer relationships deepen and the brand achieves greater differentiation from its competitors. Most importantly, CX Transformation leads to increased and sustained revenue and profits, improved organizational efficiency, and employee satisfaction; things that all brands are constantly looking to improve.

This book doesn’t just tell you why you should CX Transform. It provides a step-by-step playbook to help you transform efficiently and effectively, so that you can differentiate your brand in a meaningful and sustainable manner.

We don’t claim that it’s painless, but after more than 20 years of working with clients across a broad range of industries, we can assure you that the results can be priceless!

Results of ONR’s own assiduous research of over 1,000 carefully selected brands covering a wide range of businesses and industries, showed that only 6% of brands have actually reached the highest level of maturity in building unbreakable relationships with their customers. This means that 94% of brands have the opportunity to benefit from CX Transformation and its proven benefits.

If your brand is one of those 94%, then this book is for you.

Levels of CXT

About the Author

Jason Ten-Pow’s passion for customer experience was sparked as a teenager working behind the meat counter of a carnival-themed grocery store in Toronto. Today, Jason is the CEO and President of ONR, the CX consulting firm he founded in 2001. ONR helps fortune 1000 businesses CX Transform in order to generate greater and sustaining revenue and profits.

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