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What are the benefits of following the ONR approach to CX Transformation

What benefits awaits those that achieve higher levels of CX Transformation

Brands operating at the highest level of CX Transformation were notably different from their competitors. They were highly invested in CX Transformation and they had been rewarded for it.


They reported significant differences between themselves and other brands in key areas that included revenue, profits and efficiency. 


88% of these high-performing brands reported that their annual revenue growth rate was above industry average, and 84% reported that their net profit margin was above industry average.  These numbers are striking: they indisputably demonstrate that building a solid bond with customers can deliver tangible financial results.


What’s more, the impact of CX Transformation and the rewards of deepened customer relationships extended beyond just the financial area, showing up in the internal operations of their organizations, too.  76% of these brands told us that CX Transformation efforts had led to a more efficient organization. 67% of the CX Mature brands reported a significant increase in employee satisfaction.

CX Transformation: The various levels of CX Transformation and the associated rewards

The Benefits of CX Transformation.png

With over 20 years of customer experience expertise, we have helped customer-focused brands create measurable success and organizational efficiency, while creating unbreakable relationships with their customers.

As you graduate from level to level you will see your customer relationships deepen and your revenue and profits grow. 

A total of 83% of companies that have reached level 5 in their CX Transformation journey report that they their annual revenue is significantly higher than the industry average.

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