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Asking the right questions ensures the right kind of customer insight!

Last week, we touched on how brands struggle to execute their CX strategies due to a lack of CX expertise. This week, let’s start with the analysis we conducted to better understand where brands extract their data.

Our analysis revealed that thirty-three percent of brands with a high level of CX transformation are more likely to rely upon an outside CX Partner to collect their customer data; 1.8x times the brands who have low CX transformation.

But how satisfied are the brands who rely on data collection from outside CX partners?

9 out of 10 brands are more likely to be highly satisfied with the outside CX partner. Interestingly, as the level of satisfaction increases, so does the relationship between the brand and their CX partner.

And the same is true for the consumer; a happy customer tends to have a much stronger relationship with the brand.

To create happy customers, a brand must first understand their needs and demands. Only the right set of data can provide you the right business insights, and these insights depend on the most appropriate kind of survey questions being asked and formulated. This is one of the primary reasons why brands choose to rely on outside CX partners who are experts in this field.

Setting the groundwork is critical in any successful strategy implementation, and having a strong foundation comes from having solid expertise. CX partners are experts in the field of customer experience and can help you and your team in establishing a strong foundation for your customer experience journey.

With more than 20 years of expertise in customer experience, ONR can help your business achieve its objectives. Based on your brand’s needs, we help build a solid foundation to gather the proper insights and develop the strategy needed to maximize ROI.

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