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Developing a comprehensive approach beyond CX tools

Creating an authentic, emotional connection with your customer is the heartbeat of an unbreakable relationship. Businesses that overlook this fact in favor of investing solely in CX tools will likely need to rethink their tactic: despite continual advancement, technology and AI lack the capability to create a true emotional connection with customers.

As technology has evolved, so too have customer expectations, and customer experience methodology. However, one priority has remained constant; expanding a brand’s positive reputation with its customers and within its industry.

In this era of advanced technologies and expanding AI capabilities, customer analysis is frequently being managed through technology-based approaches, but this approach often supersedes an organization’s long-term planning and strategizing rather than supporting it.

Thirty-three percent of brands with a high level of CX transformation have difficulties implementing their CX initiatives.

According to our study, 33% of companies with successful CX transformation report their biggest challenge as being how they execute their CX transformation strategy. A closer look at this process shows that 46% of companies struggle to understand the CX knowledge that is collected, suggesting a disconnect between converting data points into useful recommendations.

This is where CX tools tend to fall short, and where a CX professional’s experience and perspective can help.

Forty-six percent of companies struggle to understand the CX knowledge that is collected.

Developing a comprehensive approach vs relying solely on CX tools

Compared to platforms and tools, CX professional contextualize and add meaning to data points, building a set of actions around the story to create strategy.

1. CX tools deliver KPIs and analysis, leaving the brand to determine the causes of issues and recommendations based on the data. CX professionals, on the other hand, go a step further by undertaking an in-depth study to understand and address the causes behind the data.

2. Statistics are nothing without a narrative, and CX tools leave out the story that lies within the data.

3. Different departments often require custom metrics to assess their own success within the organization. CX tools don’t offer these department-specific KPIs to the entire organization, creating potential data silos.

4. CX tools display the complete customer journey, but omit details about the difficulties the client encounters along the way and the steps that could improve their experience.

5. CX tools provide a variety of data points to assess performance, but don’t offer comprehensive support from beginning to end.

6. A lot of data can lead to a lot of confusion. Harnessing the right data is crucial to building unbreakable relationships with your customers. CX technologies can analyze your consumer data, but lack the emotional intelligence to really connect with your customers.

Think of a CX professional as your partner in creating a narrative from data while providing recommendations and guidance for your strategic CX transformation. With their help and expertise, your team can focus on providing leading customer experience and building resilient, success-driven relationships with your customers.

How can ONR change the way your company approaches customer experience?

ONR’s team specializes in evolving deeper customer relationships and sustainable business growth for our clients by bridging the gap between your brand and your customers. We listen to your needs and wants to really understand the connection between CX and your brand’s revenue and profits so that we can develop and execute the most effective strategies.

Fundamental to our approach is our process of Collect/Share/Act. We collect the right data, share it across different departments within the organization, and help your team act immediately to obtain their desired ROI.

The first step is our comprehensive CX audit, where we investigate your current CX activities and:

• Prepare an overall customer strategy, unique to your brand, that will help your team re-capture the emotional connection with your customers

• Show your leadership how to identify, confront, and overcome key challenges that prevent optimal CX transformation.

• Create a step-by-step plan to guide each department through the steps needed to create the highest level of CX Transformation

This approach has been proven to help brands highlight their key areas of improvement, strengthen their customer relationships, and take action to improve their customer journeys with effective recommendations provided by our team.

From departmental to organizational needs, we address every level in order to improve the connection between departments, as well as their decision-making process. ONR honours our customers and your customers; our team is committed to help yours transform its connection with your customers for authentic, unbreakable relationships.

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