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Converting contact center insights into meaningful actions

Contact centers are extremely important to the success of businesses as a contact center agent can sympathize with customers and forge a lasting connection with them, which technology and chatbots cannot. We surveyed 400 respondents on their contact center responsibilities to better understand the dynamics of a contact center.

In our survey, 85% of the brands said they were more likely to have a contact center, and it was discovered that approximately 53% of them said they outsource between 26% to 50% of the tasks associated with their contact center. Although outsourcing undoubtedly reduces costs, it also has an effect on your brand since outsourcers are more concerned with profits than efficiency, which has an influence on customer metrics and loyalty.

Further investigation revealed that almost half of the brands collect data from contact centers but only 34% of the brands are very satisfied with the contact center data analysis.

Why are companies dissatisfied with contact center data-driven insights?

The key to running a successful business is converting data-driven insights into meaningful recommendations that add value to the brand’s overall success.

We at ONR have CX expertise over the last 20 years and we translate data into customer knowledge. Our recommendations inspire and direct team members and stakeholders to take appropriate actions that strengthen customer connections.

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