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How to reduce the time it takes to resolve a contact center case.

Do you ever call a contact center for support and feel like you have to provide the same information multiple times to multiple agents? Just a few seconds into the call, your frustration increases because you feel like the agent is disorganized, so the brand must also be disorganized and this interaction will take much longer than it should.

And guess who takes the brunt of that frustration? The contact center agent, of course. But the agent is simply following instructions. So how do you provide your agents with greater opportunities for success? The answer is simple: give them more knowledge about the customer in as close to real-time as possible.

The secret to closing contact center tickets quickly AND successfully.

Often, it’s about correcting a simple problem: having the right information to design the right contact center experience to help the agents in the first place. When contact centers fail to provide the right customer knowledge to their contact center agents, or make it hard to access what they need at the right time to help a customer, the agent’s room for error actually declines. They end up operating on the razor’s edge of trying to support a customer’s need responsively and positively. And if that razor’s edge fails, the customer’s relationship with the brand can be ruptured for good.

Often contact centers are a customer’s SECOND stop for help. Customers are initially directed to a brand’s website to search for answers on their own – and when the “DIY” support doesn’t work easily or successfully, they are left to figure out how to switch from self-service to agent support. This step is rarely as smooth as customers expect, especially when this is now the second step in their search for support.

Contact center agents who have easy access to the customer’s website behavior prior to being online with a customer are able to use this knowledge to anticipate questions, guide immediate steps and accelerate request completion. The result is a smoother customer experience and much-improved customer satisfaction for contact center customers.

How to quickly help your contact center agents AND successfully help your customers.

There is a solution, one that fully supports your business, your agents and your customers: bespokeCX. Here’s how it can help you improve contact center agent performance by providing details about the customer’s journey before they start the conversation:

1. From their first click, each customer’s digital journey is captured within bespokeCX – and will be available for agents to see.

2. Once the customer reaches a page that provides a telephone number for the contact center, our system uploads this critical information about the customer’s journey into your CRM.

3. When the customer calls the contact center, the interactive voice response system collects a 4-digit code from them.

4. With the code entered, the customer journey details are provided to the agent prior to interaction in an easy-to-understand format along with useful recommendations for the agent about how to proceed.

5. The agent is now aware of what steps the customer has already taken to resolve the issue and is prepared to help with the proper next steps.

This means that from the first “Hello”, the agent now knows what the customer has looked at or tried, and is much further ahead at helping the customer with a question or issue. There is no backtracking or repeating things because the information is already at the agent’s fingertips, who can then accelerate troubleshooting support efforts. Customer frustration is reduced because they won’t have to repeat steps already taken. In the end, a smoother customer journey is delivered, resulting in reduced time spent on case handling, reduced time to resolve support tickets, and improved customer satisfaction.

The good news is that any contact center can have easy access to all of this customer knowledge and more by implementing the bespokeCX system. This is not a replacement for any of your current contact center systems, but rather a plug-and-play enhancement that seamlessly integrates with your data stack, requiring no technical or IT resources to maintain. bespokeCX collects customer feedback and consolidates it with other customer information, including your customers’ website journey data, in order to provide you with a set of prioritized actions specifically for improving contact center customer satisfaction. Stay tuned as we dip deeper and bring a new perspective on contact center performance and its importance!

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