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Harnessing customer feedback for success!

In today’s fast-paced world, contact center managers are under increasing pressure to improve their contact center customer satisfaction. With increased demand comes increasing frustrations as contact center managers struggle to access the right customer information to support their agents as they work to improve contact center customers’ experience. Today’s most successful contact center managers succeed because they have easy access to the most actionable customer experience information. Here are the top 5 secrets successful contact center managers don’t want you to know!

1. How can you better direct contact center agent actions to improve customer satisfaction?

Too many contact center agents operate without specific data about their performance and guidance for improvement. The best-performing contact center managers actively compare a customer’s rating of an interaction with an agent’s self-rating. This dual approach is unique to the most successful contact centers. Managers apply this information to teach agents how to better align their performance with customers’ expectations. This approach to agent training is the quickest way to improve contact center customer satisfaction.

2. How do you quickly identify customer interactions that have gone poorly and intervene to avert a negative customer outcome?

The most critical knowledge needed for improving contact center customer satisfaction is information that tells managers which interactions are at high risk of leading to a poor brand outcome. This allows a manager to take immediate corrective action to rescue the customer relationship before it breaks. To successfully gather this information, you’ll need seamless integration between customer feedback and your CRM systems. This integration allows your managers to see a problem in the making so they can take quick corrective actions to save or improve the customer relationship and increase overall loyalty.

3. Do your agents know your customer’s journey on your support website before starting an interaction?

Often contact center customers are directed to a brand’s website to first search for answers on their own. However, switching from self-service to agent support is often not as smooth as customers expect. Contact center agents that have easy access to the customer’s website behavior before connecting with the customer can use this knowledge to anticipate questions, guide immediate steps and accelerate request completion. The result is a more effortless customer experience and improved contact center customer satisfaction.

4. Is your customer’s reaction to their call center experience easily transformed into implementable actions?

Customer feedback can be easily gathered by asking for immediate customer feedback after talking with a contact center representative. Often the most actionable insights can be gleaned from customer feedback comments where they share how their experience with the brand made them feel, and the underlying reasons for those feelings. However, unless this contact center customer feedback is organized, sorted by topics, and then categorized by sentiment, this vital information simply cannot be easily transformed into actions that can be easily taken to improve customer experience.

5. Is it possible to have an on-demand library of best practices to use to improve customer experience?

The most successful contact center managers have multiple initiatives at the ready to improve contact center customer satisfaction in the moment. Having quick access to a library of current CX action options ready to reference and deploy ensures contact centers continually operate with a high level of efficiency and customer satisfaction. Not only is this knowledgebase critical to keep current CX plans on track, but it is also a useful source of information that shows which tactics work best in which situations to optimize both customer experience and contact center customer satisfaction. Having easy access to this information ensures that important CX knowledge about how to improve customer satisfaction is always retained and ready to be reused as needed.

Any contact center can have easy access to all this customer knowledge and more by implementing the bespokeCX system. This is not a replacement for any of your current contact center systems, but rather a plug-and-play enhancement that seamlessly integrates with your data stack, requiring no technical or IT resources to maintain. bespokeCX collects customer feedback and consolidates it with other customer information from your contact center systems to provide you with a set of prioritized actions specifically for improving contact center customer satisfaction. Stay tuned as we dip deeper and bring a new perspective on contact center performance and its importance!

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