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Identify broken digital customer journeys and find ways to fix them – fast!

There are a number of tools currently on the market that have been developed to crack the mysterious code of customers’ digital journeys; however, despite myriad approaches and efforts, many website managers remain baffled.

Today’s most successful website managers are able to quickly identify and fix poor customer journeys. How are they able to do this, while so many others still struggle to understand their customers’ digital journey?

The bespokeCX Journey Module is built to demystify the customer’s journey for website managers. It helps you quickly identify the most popular customer journeys as well as the most troublesome ones.

bespokeCX is not a replacement to any of your current website systems, but rather a plug-and-play enhancement that seamlessly integrates with your data stack, requiring no technical or IT resources to maintain.

Here is how the bespokeCX Journey Module works:

1. You can quickly identify the most frequent customer journeys at a glance. This provides a snapshot of who is taking these journeys and how they feel about the experience.

2. You can also easily view the top-performing and poorest-performing customer journeys, so that you have a clear understanding of which journeys you need to prioritize to improve customer satisfaction.

3. With these snapshots in hand, you are able to take a deeper look at specific journeys based on a start and end point while viewing their key details, including how many customers take these journeys and how many leave satisfied.

4. The bespokeCX Journey Module is able to track any journey required and report on its performance.

Simple to deploy and use, this customer journey module makes it easy for website managers and their teams to understand the actions that need to be taken to improve customer satisfaction. #CX#CustomerExperience#Website


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