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Quickly find the root cause for customer dissatisfaction and fix it fast!

Many of today’s customers require rescuing for a poor website experience. However, many website managers remain unaware of the root cause of their customer’s dissatisfaction.

Successful website managers are able to use bespokeCX to quickly identify pages that underperform and the reasons for that poor performance. With this important knowledge, they are able to take quick corrective action to improve website satisfaction. The good news is that bespokeCX is not a replacement to any of your current website systems, but rather a plug-and-play enhancement that seamlessly integrates with your data stack, requiring no technical or IT resources to maintain.

The bespokeCX Health Module identifies high-priority low-performing pages, determines their root cause and provides the right corrective action in order to improve website satisfaction.

Here is how Health Module works:

1. Within the Health Module, you will find a priority list of your top high-traffic underperforming web pages.

2. You are able to see all the key details related to this page including traffic and customer feedback data.

3. You can also view the recommended actions for improving that page provided by the bespokeCX AI engine.

4. From there you are able to dig deeper to understand who is visiting the page, why they are visiting and the issues these website visitors are facing.

5. With this information you now have a clearer understanding of the problem and a set of corrective actions to choose from.

6. You can immediately take action, or if you are still unsure of what actions to take, you can complete a bespokeCX Audit to learn more about why the page is not meeting customer expectations.

As you improve the page health of these high-priority pages, your overall website satisfaction increases. #CX#CustomerExperience#Website


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