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How to build a clear understanding of your customers

The contact center is your brand’s leading point of contact for your customers, so it’s crucial to get your contact center experience right. This week on the blog, we shed some more light on what makes a contact centre effective by continuing our investigation of contact centre dynamics within organizations.

The right kind of data needs to be collected in order to clearly understand customer emotion and to leverage that understanding towards fulfilling your business goals. In our survey of what kind of contact center data was being collected by businesses, 31% of participants reported gathering data that shows the “number of support tickets handled”, and 30% collected the “time to resolve customer metrics.”

While the “number of support tickets handled” and the “time to resolve customer tickets” data hints at the overall performance of your support department, it doesn’t give a lot of clues about your customers’ behavior and attitude. Collecting diverse data is essential to building a foundation of clear customer knowledge that will help your brand better understand and cater to your customers’ wants, needs and desires.

Why should we prioritize behavioral and attitudinal customer data?

1. Behavioral data allows you to understand how customers engage with your service, allowing you to assess how people interact with and connect with your brand. 2. Attitudinal data provided by customers is a first-hand opinion about how they feel about your business, that allows to analyze your brand’s performance now while providing meaningful recommendations to enhance your brand’s connection going forward.

Here at ONR, we recognize the importance of gathering behavioral and attitudinal data in order to understand how your clients feel about your brand. In fact, we’ve been helping brands like yours collect and analyze high quality customer data for more than 20 years.

With our help, our clients regularly achieve a response rate of 20% to email surveys and a completion rate of 90%, whereas our competitors are only able to acquire 1% response rates. Once we collect the data, we compile the data points to deliver a complete customer experience story that assists you in strategizing and achieving your company’s demand for optimal performance and ROI.

Ready to make your customers’ data a priority? Click here to connect with an ONR expert to learn how.


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