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83% of brands focused on customer experience get a significant ROI.

Do your Customer Experience efforts significantly impact your sales/revenue? Non-CX Transformed organizations: only 14% say yes. CX Transformed organizations: 83% say yes. CX Transformed brands achieve significant ROI on their CX investments.

ONR’s research reveals that brands operating at the highest level of CX Transformation are notably different from their competitors. They are highly invested in CX Transformation and they are rewarded for it. They report significant differences between themselves and other brands in key areas that included revenue, profits and efficiency. ONR defines CX Transformation as the systematic approach to re-orient a brand’s priorities so they more closely align with customers’ wants, needs and desires. CX Transformation is a five-level process that moves a brand along the customer relationship continuum toward developing unbreakable relationships. At each new level, priorities come into closer alignment and relationships deepen then revenue and profits grow. For more information and how your brand can build unbreakable customer relationships, please contact ONR.


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