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Rewards that await the CEO who conquers each level of CX Transformation

CEO’s CX Transformation Quest:

In order to become a leading CX brand, the 4th and most evolved level of CX transformation, the CEO must first conquer 3 difficult levels of transformation. There are many rewards awaiting those that become a leading CX brand including significantly higher profits (see chart). But conquering the previous 3 levels is difficult and only a few brands ever reach this level and reap the associated rewards. The 4 levels of CX transformation are:





At each new level, the brand must expand CX transformation efforts while overcoming 3 top transformation challenges in a more effective manner than it has at previous levels.

Conquering each level brings increased profitability

TEN-POW TIP #1: Define the process for how to turn customer feedback and insights into actionable improvements to implement. At the beginning level of CX transformation, it is easy to get distracted by the needs and demands for “more” data. But the organization is often not ready to ingest new data, much less transform it into insights and then act on this new knowledge. Instead, leadership needs to focus on building a defined process for incorporating current customer knowledge into the decision-making process. Doing so will lay the foundation for developing an effective process around “how to” effectively use new feedback and insights to drive improvements.

TEN-POW TIP #2: Make this statement true for your entire team: “Our customers believe they are the #1 priority of our business.” Unfortunately, leadership is often significantly more likely to believe this statement compared to front-line employees who deal with customers on a daily basis. The CEO must lead the charge to help organizational leaders adopt a realistic mindset regarding where their brand truly delivers so the organization fully understands the task ahead.

TEN-POW TIP #3: Make sure your customer experience approach/attitude matches up with your corporate vision/purpose. For CX transformation to take hold and to gain enough momentum for the brand to reach level 4, corporate vision must come into alignment with customer experience goals. This is perhaps the most important signal to employees that CX is not just another project but that it represents a cultural shift in organizational thinking. #CX #CustomerExperience


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